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To make an online reservation please fill out this credit card information on this form. This form is the remaining balance to your booking and will charge at the time stated on the form.

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Transportation USA functions as a brokerage service. Our services for transportation are with an agreement through various limo companies and establishments in Austin, San Diego, as well as San Antonio.

Once the deposit is paid we provide the following information: contact information to the limo/transportation company that will be providing the service & a confirmation that the vehicle is booked for you on that date at that time. Once you have received the information on the vehicle and booking confirmation, the deposit cannot be refundable.

Confirmation & vehicle information:
We will send all the information you have sent us to the transportation company. We do always recommend that our clients contact the transportation company about a week before the date of their reservation to confirm all of this information as well. Also if there are any changes to the itinerary different from the quick quote you sent us, it is your responsibility to communicate that to the transportation company. We send you photos of the vehicles beforehand if requested, and do everything in our power to guarantee that our clients are getting what they expect from the photos. On that note, sometimes a vehicle may not look exactly like the photos, you may go inspect the vehicle before the date of the booking if this important.

Cancellations: You must cancel the vehicle more than 20 days before booking. If you cancel within the 20 day window the full balance will be charged on the credit card you authorized.

Deposit: In order to reserve your transportation service we require a deposit at the time of booking. This deposit is Non Refundable and Non Transferable.

Payment of Balance: Final payment of your balance must be paid by the service date unless otherwise agreed by the transportation company in writing.

The chauffeur inspects each vehicle before, during and after each rental. In the event of damage suffered, customer shall be responsible for any and all harm and damages caused by the customer or its affiliates and suffered by the company, its agents, employees, or third parties, including but not limited to the vehicle, in regard to cleaning, breakage, burns, or other interior or exterior damage to extent of the actual cost to repair or replace, with a minimum charge of $200.00.

The contracts and responsibilities of transportation are solely through the transportation company and the client. This means that the transportation companies themselves are responsible for the representation, quality of service and conditions of their vehicles.

I hereby authorize TransportationUSA to share this information entered on this form with the vendor. The vendor being a transportation company TransportationUSA booked you with. The vendor has the clients permission to charge the amount under total fee on this form.

JURISDICTION The parties agree that all the terms and conditions stated herein shall be construed under the laws of the State of Texas and any action or proceeding brought in connection with or arising out of this contract shall be within the Travis County Superior Courts.

By clicking the check box the client agrees to receive contact from TransportationUSA and its affiliates, and acknowledge that they agree to and have read these terms & conditions.
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